What Security Measures Should You Improve for Your Business Before Summer Ends?

Your business is a big investment that you should endeavor to protect. As a business owner, you are not immune to security mishaps or becoming a target of criminal elements. Regardless of the size of your business, protecting it should be a top priority. What can you improve to protect your business this summer and beyond? Consider enhancing security measures, including video surveillance, ADA doors, and access control. The better your security, the less chance of breaches resulting in financial loss and harm to your company’s reputation.

Video Surveillance

The safety and protection of your business is your responsibility and having established safety measures can minimize loss. Video surveillance is one safety measure that you can use to better protect your business and give yourself peace of mind. Video surveillance is beneficial in a number of ways. With a video surveillance system, you can keep an eye on your business without physically being at your business’ location. Appropriately placed video surveillance cameras throughout your business can reduce theft and vandalism by serving as a deterrent for potential burglars. A video surveillance system can provide real-time remote video monitoring of critical areas of your business 24-7, accessible through the internet from a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. It’s a useful way to also resolve disputes quicker by providing clear video evidence of an incident that occurs and helps with identifying anybody involved in criminal activity on company property.

ADA Doors

You can maximize the security of your business by taking the necessary steps to ensure that ADA doors are a feature of the building where you conduct business. ADA doors can provide consistently safe physical access to your business, regardless if individuals are able-bodied or disabled. ADA door opening should have a clear width of at least 32 inches. You want to prevent your business environment from posing safety hazards and access challenges to both employees and visitors. Inaccessible multi-level buildings and narrow doorways are two common access barriers that you want to avoid, and you want to ensure that your building meets ADA compliance. When all individuals can have access to your goods and services, you are enhancing your business. 

Access Control

Prioritizing access control when it comes to your business can save you money and spare you unwanted headaches. You can improve the safety of your business by limiting access to the property, tracking employees, restricting access to certain areas. Put measures in place that limit access to a particular area that requires tight security. Limit key distribution to employees to as few as possible, with even fewer keys that grant access to sensitive information, costly equipment, or restricted area. Monitor and track the use of these key cards and require employees with personalized key cards to swipe to unlock a particular door. You want to ensure that only authorized people can gain access to your business and an access control system can effectively serve this end.

Artery Lock: Your Businesses Local Security Expert

Before the summer ends, improve your business’ security with video surveillance, ADA door, and access control measures with Artery Lock. Minimize the risk of security breaches that can lead to vandalism, stolen property, costly replacements, significant financial loss, and marred reputation. Make your business’ security a top priority if you want to protect your investment. Contact the security professionals today to set up an on-site consultation.