What You Need to Know About Home Security Systems

You may lock your doors, keep the windows latched, and trust the family dog to keep you safe. But is that enough?

You should consider talking to your locksmith service about an advanced home security system, because without one, your home is 300% more likely to be burglarized.

Boston locksmiths and their customers know that choosing a comprehensive, integrated, up-to-date security system is an essential part of keeping your family safe. However, if you’ve done any of your own research, you probably know that choosing one can be complicated. Never fear: this article will break down the specifics of a home security system and help you understand them better, so you can talk to your lock service provider confidently about your needs.

What Is a Home Security System, Exactly?

Simply put, a home security system is a network of different devices that all work together to keep your home secure. A full, comprehensive system will likely include a control panel, window and door sensors, WiFi-enabled locks, security cameras, and signs to place in your yard and windows.

To be truly effective and convenient, a good locksmith for homes can set up your security system to connect with your smartphone. This will enable you to control your home even if you’re not there. The security system’s control panel, as well as any smartphone app that’s included, can act as your home’s primary control center. You’ll never have to worry about the safety of your home, whether you’re near or far.

How Home Security Systems Work

To break into your home, an intruder would first have to make their way through the locks on your doors or windows — a difficult process in itself when you’re working with a great lock service. Assuming someone does break in, a sensor will be triggered as long as your alarm is enabled. This will cause a breach alert to be sent to the control center. An alarm will then sound on the premises, as well as push notifications to your phone and local authorities if such features are set up and turned on. All the while, high-resolution security cameras will capture the entire scenario, including the intruder. This helps to ensure that you’ll remain fully informed about what goes on in your home at all times.

The Benefits of Having a Whole-Home Security System

No one likes to think about worst-case scenarios, but preparing for them can be the best thing you ever do for your family’s safety and comfort. It’s not just for preparing for the worst, however: having a home surveillance and security system, complete with smart locks installed by expert locksmith services, means increased convenience as well as safety. Depending on your infrastructure, you can control the locks, view different areas of your house and yard, and even turn on and off the lights from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. This allows you to travel without worrying about your home’s security, and it also gives you easier, more convenient ways to let family members and trusted friends inside without them needing a key or triggering an alarm.

If you feel that hiring a lock service to help you set up a home security system is too expensive, think again: having a security system can actually lead to increased savings. Insurance companies like to see homes with high-quality security because it means you’re less of a risk to the insurance provider. You may be able to save as much as 10% on your monthly home insurance premium, or even more.

Insurance isn’t the only opportunity for cost savings. Thanks to automation and mobile technology, you can save money on your electricity bill by turning lights off when you aren’t at home. And if you’re getting ready to sell your home in the near future, security systems are major selling points. Prospective buyers will be more inclined to make a high offer when they see that your home is already secure.

Of course, when it comes to saving money, perhaps the most obvious benefit of home security systems is the protection one provides for your valuables. Even with a great lock service, any building can be broken into with enough force and patience, leaving anything of value that you own vulnerable to being stolen or destroyed. It makes no sense to save money on security only to lose money down the road by being burglarized.

Home Security: The Last Word

Perhaps the single greatest benefit of having a good home security system is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy because of it. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can rest easy knowing that your home, and anyone living in it, are safe. Not only that, but you can also check in on them through your security cameras at any time with your smartphone.

This peace of mind is especially welcome if you have children or people with disabilities in your family. Having automated security systems in place and cameras connected to your phone can rule out many causes for concern.

As you can see, having a complete home security system set up by your lock service involves far more than just protecting your home and family from intruders. It’s also the best way to ease your mind, whether you’re in bed at night or on the road.