When do you need an automatic door closer?

If you own a business or manage a building, there are many decisions regarding the door hardware you will be utilizing. An application that many people choose to add on to doors are automatic door openers. There are many advantages to adding these to your building’s doors. Learn more about the application of door openers in this blog!

Styles and Types of Automatic Door Closer

While people most likely have seen and noticed an ‘automatic door opener’, many wouldn’t be able to accurately describe or explain its function. If your having trouble imaging what this hardware looks like, imagine a door in an office or school that has a small box with has two arms that connect and form a hinge that moves as the door opens towards the top of the door. Have a better image now? These are also common on screen doors. Usually placed at the bottom and come with a washer on one of the arms to allow those using the door to prop it open for lengths of time. These are automatic door closers.  different types of automatic door closers include internal automatic door closers that are inside the door, the frame of the door, or at times, even the floor. Foot traffic, style of door, and where the door leads to will all impact which type of automatic door closer is best for said door.

How do they work?

Automatic door closers work by using and storing the energy used to open the door within a compression system of spring and releasing the energy at a controlled rate. This prevents the slamming of doors and within several different models, you can adjust the speed of this.

Advantages of Automatic Door Closers

As mentioned above, being able to control the speed and ease of how the door closes has its advantages. If there is high pressure from windows being open or the door is dividing inside from outside, pressure can cause doors to slam. Additionally, these automatic door closers help with heating costs. These door closers will ensure doors are not left open for an extended period unless propped open. Furthermore, these systems use the same principle of maintaining heating/cooling to fire protection. Doors that are closed prevent fires from quickly spreading to other areas of a building. Due to their safety benefits, adding these to your office or building can help reduce insurance costs as well!

Artery Lock: Your Automatic Door Closer Provider

Are you considering adding automatic door closers to your building? Have questions regarding which automatic door closers are best for your doors? Give Artery Lock a call today and our team of Security experts will work with you to provide the most appropriate and cost-based solution possible. We look forward to hearing from you!