Why Your Business Needs ADA Hardware

The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that all people have access to businesses and places that those who are able-bodied can enter and exit from. This ranges from things like ramps, handicap doors, and more. Each and every business is to comply to these standards, so here’s how to make sure everything is up to code. If not, there may be some problems you do not want to have to deal with.

Keeping up Your Business’ ADA Hardware

Make sure to have the following accessible to all patrons in compliance with the ADA. Private businesses all need to make sure the following are present in any business open to the public.

Door Accessibility

A few things about doors go into ADA compliance. For starters, all entrances and exits must be useable by those who may be in a wheelchair or other form of hardware. Likewise, the doors inside different rooms and areas of the private business must be wide enough to accommodate such solutions to disabled bodies. Lastly, all emergency exits must also be accessible for those in wheelchairs and other solutions. This is crucial in case of some sort of fire or accident involving the location of your business.

Space to Maneuver

Aisles and areas of the business must have enough room to move around freely. If you own a retail business, make sure product areas that many without a physical disability could move throughout is also accessible for those with movement solutions. It helps to rent a wheelchair and check to make sure that things can be moved freely in the aisles or checkout areas. Likewise, office spaces should be ADA ready in case an applicant is in some sort of movement solution. Not doing so can be seen as discrimination, and limits the amount of people who can work at your business. Take the time now to ensure that space to maneuver is bountiful.

Door Closure

Make sure doors can stay open to accommodate for the time someone in a movement solution may need to enter or exit. If a door closes to quickly, this could cause injury or possibly make it tough for someone to access your business without help.

If any sort of questions or concerns about ADA compliance in your business comes up while researching legal standards and regulations, give us a call. We can come to make sure everything is up to code and ensure everyone can have access to your place of business.

Artery Lock: Your ADA Compliance Experts

Businesses need to be ADA compliant to avoid lawsuit’s and cater to all its potential customers. If you need an ADA compliance audit, Artery Lock is here to help! For more information, contact us today by phone call or fill out a convenient online contact form.