Why Your Business Should Install An Entry Management System

How many visitors were in your office last week? How about last month? How many visitors were in the office on September 19, 2015?

Chances are you don’t know the exact number. You may have to go back and manually count names in a sign-in book or look into an Excel spreadsheet. In the past, a sign-in book may have been sufficient to document who was coming in and out of the office, but improvements in technology have rendered these outdated.

It’s also important to consider how your visitors are being greeted. Is there a receptionist available to greet and direct them to the correct department? Or are they greeted by silence and the faint clicking of office keyboards?

If you haven’t considered it already, all these scenarios underscore the need for an entry management system. Keep reading to find out how this system can change your office for the better.

What is an Entry Management System?

Entry management involves keeping track of who enters and exits your building daily. This can be anyone from deliverymen to employee family members.

An entry management system uses technology to track visitors who come to your office. This system will often take pictures of your visitors, record the time they came in, print ID badges,
and even provide instructions for visitors who may need to wait.

Benefits of Utilizing an Entry Management System

An entry management system can improve office security, increase organization and
productivity, and helps your company put your best foot forward professionally.

Office Security

The safety of workers and people who visit your company should be one of your highest concerns. With a public log, everyone can see who comes in and out, even if this is not information they should be privy to. The system allows for this information to be stored in a secure location, out of the public eye. Keeping track of who comes in and out can also help you to quickly identify visitors and have a reliable log if a problem with security should arise.

Organization and Productivity

The paper systems of the past were anything but efficient. Trying to figure out who visited your company on a certain time and date would mean flipping through countless sheets of paper and scanning hundreds of names. An entry management system would substantially improve productivity by making good use of technology to screen and record all your visitors. Now instead of searching through papers, a simple search in the database could provide you with answers.


The first impression that people may have of your company happens right they walk in the door. If no one is there to greet them, or worse, they are just left to aimlessly wander around, what impression would that leave on them? When visitors are welcomed warmly and efficiently, your company comes across quite professional, leaving them with a good impression.

Implement Your Entry Management System Today with Artery Lock

If you’ve been considering making the switch to an entry management system, reflect on the benefits for your company. This may be the next step in improving your business and taking your customer service to the next level. Call Artery Lock to learn more about our Entry management installation and management services!