Why your business should install Electronic Panic Devices to it’s doors

Your business is a major investment; not only is it your livelihood, but the livelihood of any number of employees as well. Anything that important should be properly secured. While you may feel that a deadbolt is enough, sometimes your business deserves an extra step of protection. That’s why you should consider adding an electrified panic device to your business door!

Scare away Intruders

Perhaps the most common electrified panic device is an alarm. They are easy to install and can be used in cases of both entry and exit, depending on your needs. Alarms can let you know when someone is attempting to break into your business, as well as when someone is trying to leave when they shouldn’t be. They aren’t the highest security option, but they can give your business an extra layer of protection. It is a great first step if your business was only using a deadbolt. However, there are other, more secure options.

Control the Entry or Exit of Patients, Students, or Employees

Mainly found in high-security settings, such as hospital units, or government facilities, controlled or delayed egress systems can be a very useful line of defense to control the movement of persons inside the building. Controlled or delayed egress systems can either notify of a person attempted to exit with an alarm and short delay before the door opens, or if more control over movement is required, they can require the entry of a code to grant access or exit.

Another useful application for delayed egress is in schools. Delayed egress can be useful for both student safety by preventing kidnappers from making a quick and quiet exit, as well as for preventing students from leaving campus without permission. When installed near an office where someone can watch over the door in the event of an alarm, monitoring the door is both easy and secure.

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