Why Your Office Space Needs Video Surveillance in 2020

Business security is a wise investment for any sized company and has the potential to provide tremendous benefits that can improve your business. Today, more and more businesses are choosing to install video surveillance systems, realizing the importance of protecting both company possessions and employees alike. Depending on your company’s specific needs, you can find the appropriate surveillance tools to provide safety and security. If you are worried about cost, here’s a look at some of the top reasons to get video surveillance for your office space that will make it worth every penny.

Protect Against Acts of Property Theft & Data Breaches

You can’t possibly keep your eyes on your business 24/7, but real-time video surveillance can do the job for you. Video surveillance is an effective deterrent that will protect your property from theft, including employee theft, and data breaches, acting as the silent watcher of unauthorized and illegal activities. When your business is equipped with video surveillance systems, they are less attractive to criminal elements. A business without a security system in place is vulnerable to criminals who will be emboldened to commit a crime since there is little risk of being spotted or caught.

Protect Your Employees

A part of protecting your business is protecting your employees, and video surveillance systems can help you to do this directly and indirectly. Video surveillance in the company’s parking lots and on the exterior of the building allows you the opportunity to record suspicious or criminal activity that may impact employees. It is a useful resource for your security team that can be used to monitor employees as they work in dimly lit areas of the building or ensure that they make it safely to their vehicles, especially at night time. Employee protection extends to instances of employee abuse or harassment, where video surveillance can be used to provide evidence against the antagonist employee and help the court to arrive at an appropriate response during litigation. Video surveillance also protects employees by keeping an eye on each visitor who enters the building, whether through the front or back, and their movement as well.

Improve Productivity

Better employee efficiency can be achieved through the use of video surveillance in the workplace. Supervisors or other leadership can use video surveillance to monitor employee productivity, pinpoint areas of employees’ job performance that need improvement, ensure that company safety rules are adhered to. It’s also a tool that maintenance employees can use to detect equipment that’s being operated unsafely or malfunctioning. With video surveillance, supervisors can monitor employee productivity and not hire additional personnel to do said task.

Artery Lock: Improving Greater Boston Area’s Businesses Security

Security should be taken seriously in your workplace and video surveillance allows protection for you, your customers, employees, and your business overall. Keep in mind the pros and cons of this useful tool before installing. With the right video surveillance company behind your business, you’ll get the peace of mind you need to take your business to higher heights. Contact Artery Lock today to review our wide variety of security options we offer our clients.