Matching Door Hardware to your existing design!

Here at Artery Lock Security Integration, we are all about security. With that being the case, we understand that while security is vitally important to a home or business, we also understand maintaining a room or buildings appearance is also important. Being able to provide security solutions that tastefully appeal to the already existing aesthetics is part of the customer experience we strive to provide for our clients. We wanted to write up a blog on types of code-compliant door hardware solutions that are tasteful and match the buildings existing hardware!


We have installed several secure door knobs for our residential and commercial clients. If a room or building is outfitted with mainly door knobs, some prefer to keep with the style. We can also match the existing color and patina to maintain continuity. Some advantages of door knobs are the wide variety of styles and can be set up to turn either way for ease of use.

Door Levers

Door levers are seen in both commercial and private residences and offer a few advantages over doorknobs or mortice locks. Like the door knobs we install, we can generally match any finish or patina. Additionally, they can easier to open in some cases. Many of us have ran into the dilemma when walking with a load of groceries of boxes of office supplies, only to meet a doorknob that needs to be turned all the way to open. With door levers, one can use their elbow or even foot if they have the balance to open the door if their hands are full. One disadvantage of these levers is that if not properly installed, those using them with their hands may get their knuckles caught between the door and wall! Be sure if you have some install door levers, they leave your room!

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are another type of door knob we install for residential clients. These require a pocket or ‘mortise’, to be cut into the door so the lock itself is fitted into said door. Mortise locks, like the hardware mentioned above, can be replicated in terms of style or design. Mortise locks tend to be sturdier since they are set into the door. This proves difficult for those trying to break in with brute force, especially if reinforced with a sturdy door. Mortise locks are also multi-functional as they are generally equipped with a ‘passage function.’ This allows the key holder to keep the door from not locking when closed, allowing people to freely come and go. The key holder can then lock said mortice lock and people from one side won’t be able to enter and those on the other side can leave as they wish.

Artery Lock Solutions

Depending on your security needs, style, and existing hardware, any of these door handles may be the best option for your home or business. Our trained technicians can work with you to recommend the proper hardware and recommend upgrades in terms of ones existing door. Give us a call today to learn more about our security solutions and how we can help secure your property!