5 Questions to Ask a Commercial Locksmith before Hiring Them

Did you lose your house keys or dropped your expensive car’s keys? It is important to replace the locking and security system of your property in case you lost a key or two. Therefore, hiring a locksmith can come in handy. But before you hire a professional locksmith to install new locks for your house or business, what things do you need to consider? Well, here are the 5 questions to ask a commercial locksmith before hiring them.

5 Important Questions to Ask

1.      Where Do You Operate From and To?

Firstly, ask the locksmith about their base of operations. Hiring a trustworthy and credible commercial locksmith just a couple of blocks from your business or house could help as great a deal.

Further, determine if it is a one-man business or a company with a team of expert locksmiths to cater to your security and locks needs. Also, ask what range of services you can avail of for your business or house.

2.      How Do You Charge For Your Services?

Doing your homework is important before hiring a commercial locksmith (an individual or a corporate). Ask about the rates the locksmith charges for different services. This will help determine what services you can avail of for your business or home. Similarly, costs might also suggest how cheap or premium the commercial locksmith services are. Altogether, there are commercial locksmiths like Artery Lock Service that offer premium services at affordable rates.

3.      What about Insurance and Licensing?

One of the most law-abiding and honorable citizenship tasks you can perform is to ask your chosen commercial locksmith about their licenses, registration, permits, and insurance (especially general liability insurance). It’s an evident red flag if the commercial locksmith does not have any insurance.

Hiring an insured company will ensure you get compensation in case the job isn’t done well. Moreover, you will have peace of mind before letting someone handle the security of your business or house once you are aware they are legally certified.

4.      Do You Specialize in Access Control System?

Access control systems are becoming popular these days. Without a logical control system and physical hardware reach, a lock or security system will not be effective. Therefore, determine if your commercial locksmith is capable of providing access control system services to you.

The latest access control system with adequate installation and maintenance will ensure higher and improved security for your business and/ or your home.

5.      Do you offer a Warranty?

Lastly, ask about the warranty they offer. It will help you make an informed decision and choose a reliable commercial locksmith. Hiring the right commercial locksmith saves you from the hassle when one or more parts of your security system might not work or break.


So, if you are in need of a commercial locksmith to cater to your business or home security system needs, then look no further. Here at Artery Lock Service, we have experienced, qualified, and certified commercial locksmiths who can ensure adequate security system installations and maintenance.