String of Break-In’s in the South Shore – 22 Break-In’s Since November

Since November, the safety of many residents in the Quincy, MA area have been put at risk. 22 homes have been the victims of a string of break-in’s in the area and the suspect is still at large. That leaves the residents of Quincy, MA fearing for their safety and wondering what they can do to protect themselves.

There are multiple videos that show the intruder around the exterior of homes and the police have been warning people to keep an eye out for themselves and their neighbors. The timing of the break-ins seems to be random, some happening at 5 PM and others happening in the middle of the night. The intruder seems to prefer homes that are easy targets. Owners being on vacation is a big draw and allows plenty of time before the crime is detected or reported. With vigilance, they’re hoping someone will be able to see the man in the act and call the authorities before he can escape yet again.

This story is a reminder of just how easily the safety of your and your home could be put at risk. Even in a safe area like Quincy, MA, crimes are regularly occurring.

What Can You Do?

Law enforcement is encouraging those in the Quincy area to utilize home surveillance systems. Many of these systems have led to the pictures of the suspect currently available to help during the search. If you’re away on vacation or on your way home from work, many home security systems feature the ability to view your home even when you aren’t there. This feature will prevent you from walking into a potentially dangerous situation, and alert authorities of the break-in if you aren’t home. These systems maintain the safety of your home by deterring criminals from attempting a break-in of a clearly secured home. If the criminal is brave enough to attempt a break-in they won’t get far before the police and the homeowner are notified.

Many home security systems are more affordable than you’d expect, with easy installation and usage. From a highly advanced system to a simple security plan, this string of break-in’s has proven that the need for home security is now higher than ever in Quincy, MA. Contact your local home security pros at Artery Lock to learn more about what security system would be the right fit for you and your home. With the rate of these break-in’s it’s a good idea to get it installed sooner rather than later!