Top Smart Locks for Airbnb Homeowners

Being an Airbnb host comes with responsibilities, and the type of lock you utilize for guests to access your home is essential. Not only can traditional keys be a pain, but they also don’t provide guests with the feeling of security that a smart lock system offers.

With smart locks, renters are saved the stress of searching for the latchkey or worrying a missing key when they lodge in your apartment. Moreover, they feel secure because they know the locks cannot be picked, and no one can gain entrance without having the passcodes. Meanwhile, knowing the right smart locks to install is crucial.

Here are the top smart locks available for Airbnb homeowners to secure their properties:

Top 5 Smart Locks for Airbnb Homeowners

Amongst all the smart locks, these are the 5 top smart locks for Airbnb homeowners looking to upgrade their security system:

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

This keyless digital lock is safe and convenient for both Airbnb homeowners, and their guests. August smart lock Pro enables users to control their door locks on their phones from any distance.

From the August App, there is a guest list from which you can grant access to the renters who can access your apartment. The app also allows you to manage the door control frequency. No one can go in or out of your apartment without your knowledge.

Additionally, the august smart lock pro + connect comes with a keypad where the passcode is input by guests to gain access to the apartment. You can set up a passcode for each guest so they can have easy access to the house.


  • Comes with door sense that allows you to know whether the door is locked or not
  • It has an auto-lock feature
  • Is uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Siri to control locks.


  • The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is expensive
  • There are very few features you can utilize without the connect wi-fi bridge
  • There is no built-in alarm

Nest x Yale with Nest Connect

This smart lock with the Nest Connect is one of the top smart locks in the market, and Airbnb homeowners will find it very convenient to use. Activity in and out of the home can be managed in the Nest App, and the app provides an option to add users who will have access to the house.

The feature that makes this smart lock a fantastic option for Airbnb homeowners is; passcodes can be set for your guests, and they have a timeline after which they expire. Besides, with a smartphone, an Airbnb owner can monitor who locks and unlocks the entrance door because the Nest App sends a notification message whenever the door is locked or unlocked.

Additionally, as an Airbnb homeowner, sometimes you may want to stay in your apartment privately. The Nest App has a privacy mode setting that prevents anyone from gaining entrance.  


  • It is easy to fix to the door
  • It fits easily in a deadbolt
  • The batteries are durable
  • It is easy to use
  • The software has great features


  • It is costly
  • It doesn’t automatically unlock like the August Smart lock when you use it
  • it is not compatible with Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa.

Samsung SHS 3321 Digital Door Lock

Just like most Samsung devices, this Samsung smart lock is dependable and one of the best smart locks to secure rental properties. It uses four replaceable batteries that power the lock-up to a year. Also, it detects a Wi-Fi connection and allows users to control door locks on their smartphones. Users can add several guests at a time to gain access to the apartment.


  • Can act as a substitute for an RFID card
  • Has an integrated alarm feature


  • The installation is more complicated than other smart locks
  • It has a weaker monitor than other Smart locks

Schlage Z- Wave Connect Camelot 

Schlage’s smart lock has impressive features that account for why it is commonly used in hotels and corporate establishments. It comes with the Z-Wave Connect Camelot that makes the control of locks from any distance with a smartphone possible.

Moreover, the Schlage Z-Wave features an integrated alarm system that goes off when an intruder tries to access it. It also has a voice recognition feature that allows a user to use voice commands to control the locks. It uses a screen touch keypad, unlike most smart locks.


  • The batteries are durable and can last up to a year
  • has auto-locking feature
  • it is compatible with Alexa
  • As an integrated alarm feature


  • Available to only users in Canada and the US

Kiwiset 913 Smartcode

This smart lock has unique programming that doesn’t require Wi-Fi to function yet provides keyless entry like other smart locks. However, it doesn’t have a door sense or Bluetooth. Although the Kiwiset 913 Smartcode has an obsolete design, it is suitable for Airbnb homeowners looking for a budget-friendly smart lock.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection


  • The installation is more complicated than other smart locks
  • The design is outdated compare to other smart locks

Replace Traditional Locks with Smart Locks

As someone with a rental property, guests need to know they can be secure in your apartment. Even though smart locks are more expensive than traditional locks, the advantage they offer you as an Airbnb homeowner makes them worth buying. Contact Artery Lock today to secure your rental property!